Elisen Gingerbread Cookies

elisen gingerbread cookies main

Here in Germany almost every region has its own traditional Gingerbread Cookie recipe. The recipe down below is a special one though, because it reminds me of all trips to Nuremberg where we always looked for the best Elisen Gingerbread in a whole city. Thankfully also in the Corona time we can enjoy those delicious …

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Candied Almonds

candid almonds main

There are plenty of different candied almonds that you can find at the German Christmas Market. The recipe below makes those sweet and a bit of crunchy. If that’s what you are looking for, go ahead and try it! It’s really not that complicated. Be careful with the heat and they will turn just delicious!

Marzipan Potatoes

marzipan potatoes main

Marzipan just belongs to Christmas celebration! It’s doesn’t matter or as a cake, cookie or potato. At the German Christmas Market, you can always find Marzipan prepared in several different ways. The recipe down below is one of the easiest and quickest recipes that you can make for your Christmas Market Party. It takes only …

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Chocolate Fruit Skewers

chocolate dipped fruits main

There are some fruits that go extremely well with chocolate, I hope you agree with me on that. In the recipe down below I would love to share with you my favourite combinations: white chocolate and strawberry as well as banana with milk or dark chocolate. But in the end the options are endless. You …

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German Roasted Chestnuts

German Roasted Chestnuts

I cannot imagine that there is one person in the world who doesn’t like those warm, sweet and potato-like German roasted chestnuts! The only challenge to enjoy those is to prepare them in a way so the skin comes off easily. In today’s recipe, I would love to show you step by step how to …

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German Potato Pancakes – Like at the Christmas Market!

German Potato Pancakes

German potato pancakes are one of the staple dishes to try at the German Christmas Market. At the Frankfurt Christmas Market, there are usually 3-4 vendors that serve those delicious deep-fried cakes. German Potato Pancakes On the internet and in numerous cookbooks you can find delicious traditional German potato pancake recipes. Authentic pancakes that we …

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Duck Breast with Cherry Sauce

main duck breast

Duck breast with cherry sauce is a very elegant and easy meal to make for dinner. To accompany this dish you can use mashed potato or cooked rice. The breast and the sauce are already a highlight, so I wouldn’t go overboard with the side dish. I love Christmas time in Germany. The Christmas Market …

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Traditional Frankfurt’s Bethmännchen

Traditional Frankfurt Bethmännchen

Bethmännchen is German pastry originated in Frankfurt. Bethmännchen are baked for Christmas, and you can buy them on Frankfurts Christmas Market. The legend says that this cookie was developed for Simon Moritz Bethmann (a wealthy banker from Frankfurt) in 1838 who had four children; therefore the pastry was decorated with four almond halves. After the death …

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Traditional German Christmas Vanillekipferl

Traditional German Vanillekipferl

I am sure I have mentioned this before – I love Christmas time in Germany! The Christmas markets with mulled wine and all this amazing dishes and sweets! As quick as I fell in love with potato cakes and Flammkuchen I fell in love with German Christmas Cookies. Today I am giving you the best …

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Polish Christmas Dried Mushroom Soup

Polish Christmas Mushroom Soup

Every Christmas Eve my mother prepers that soup as a starter. I guess like half of the mothers in Poland:) Just to not confuse you – there is another traditional soup served on Christmas Eve: beetroot soup. But today is all about mushrooms! This year on Christmas dinner with our friends we prepared it and …

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