Easy Traditional Polish Vegetable Salad Recipe

polish vegetable salad main

In this recipe, I will show you how to make traditional Polish Vegetable Salad that my grandmother used to prepare for any bigger celebration in my family. In Poland people like celebrating with a table full of different dishes. It looks like a buffet where everyone can pick their favourite food. Although my mother and …

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Traditional Polish Easter Pascha Recipe

Polish Easter Pascha

One year ago, when I bought a book about regional Polish cuisine, I found out about Easter dish that I have never heated about before – Pascha Wielkanocna. Pascha Wielkanocna is a Polish Easter dessert that is made of Polish white cheese, dried fruits, nuts and a lot of butter. The mixture is then put …

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Polish Croquettes with meat – Polish Krokiety recipe

Traditional Polish Krokiety with Meat

Croquettes are very popular in Poland and you can find them in every restaurant or takeaway shop that serves polish food. Polish Croquettes are thin, large pancakes filled either with meat or cabbage and mushrooms. The pancakes are coated with breadcrumbs and fried. The meat filling is exactly like we make it for another traditional …

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Traditional Polish Cabbage Stew Recipe – Bigos

Traditional Polish Stew Cabbage Recipe - Bigos

Bigos is one of the most known Polish dishes. It is a stew made with cabbage and meat. My mother always prepared it with white cabbage and sauerkraut, this way the stew has a better sweet-sour balance. You can put any meat in Bigos, for this recipe we use beef, chicken and bacon but my …

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Traditional Polish Cold Beetroot Soup

Traditional Polish Cold Betroot Soup

There is no better meal to eat in summer than a cold soup! The summers in Poland certainly can get warm and as soon as they did, my mother prepared that soup! Beet greens are seasonal, therefore the soup could only be made from late May until July. If we were lucky, we ate that …

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Traditional Polish Fluffy Racuchy Recipe

Polish pancakes with apples

If you are not Polish you are probably wondering what Racuchy are. Racuchy are very similar to American pancakes normally stuffed with apple slices and served with caster sugar. At my home, we ate them on Friday (as is vegetarian) for lunch. I have been searching for a good recipe and finally, I have just asked …

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Polish Christmas Dried Mushroom Soup

Polish Christmas Mushroom Soup

Every Christmas Eve my mother prepers that soup as a starter. I guess like half of the mothers in Poland:) Just to not confuse you – there is another traditional soup served on Christmas Eve: beetroot soup. But today is all about mushrooms! This year on Christmas dinner with our friends we prepared it and …

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Traditional Polish Open-Faced Sandwich

Zapiekanki - polish toasted baguette

Traditional Polish open-faced sandwich is a common Polish fast food that is believed to have been invented in the 1970s Communist Poland. We don’t have any particular story with this dish. Polish people usually eat it after party or while partying:) There are some local varieties of this dish, some people eat it with sausages, …

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