Polish dumplings with meat – Pierogi z miesem

Traditional Polish Pierogi with Meat

Dumplings with meat is one of the most popular Polish meals. Pierogi, because that is how they are called are very delicious and various. If I had to choose one dish that my mother had to cook for me when I am visiting, that would be Pierogi. Those small dumplings have very soft filling and …

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Baked salmon with couscous salad and rucola sauce

baked salmon with couscous

I can say without hesitation, that salmon is our favorite fish. Although contains cholesterol, is also reach in vitamin B12, phosphorus, selenium and niacin. I am sure you know many ways how to prepare this fish, but I wanted to introduce you to one without fat. Salomon contains fat already, so I personally think – …

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Polish Sauerkraut Salad with carrots and onions

Surowka z kieszonej kapusty - Sauerkraut wit carrots

Sauerkraut it is a very popular side dish ingredient in Germany and Poland. It is made of white cabbage which fermatas. It can be served warm as well as cold. Sauerkraut is very healthy, because it includes a huge amount of vitamins C and K. It contains also significant amount of iron which helps your …

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