Marinated mashrooms in garlic

Marinated Mushrooms in Garlic

If you are looking for an easy to make and delicious side order for BBQ season here it is: marinated champignons! I found this recipe in one of the polish cooking portals and fell in love with this side dish as soon as I tried it. This particular recipe makes the grilled mushrooms very soft. …

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Marinated pork neck steak polish style

main bbq recipes marinated pork nack

We all love BBQ season and therefore here is my favorite steak recipe. This will be typical hearty polish recipe, so you will not find in the ingredients something like soya sauce or honey. The marinade is easy to prepare and the steaks are delicious. The meat tastes better if you leave it in marinade …

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Coconut Lemonade – Limonada de Coco

Coconut lemonade

Recently we have been to Colombia which is definitely country worth visiting. Apparently in the best sea food restaurants in Cartagena (just by the sea) we had the best lemonade so far – Limonada de Coco. It is very refreshing and easy to make drink. After we got back I ask one of my Colombian …

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Frankfurt Green Sauce with Cooked Beef Topside

tafelspitz with green sauce homepage img

Doesn’t it look healthy and delicious? The green sauce is one of the most popular dishes from Frankfurt you cannot find in any other state of Germany! Although the recipe exists 2000 years, the first time it was mentioned in the cooking book from Wilhelmine Rührig in 1860. It was one of the favourite dishes …

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