Traditional, extraordinary food with attention to detail

Our names are Marta and Matthias and in our free time, we love to cook, eat and travel. We live in Frankfurt, Germany, where Matthias comes from. Marta settled in Frankfurt in 2012, after living in Poland, England and Italy. Since the beginning, we have shared the same need and desire to discover the world. We love cooking traditional dishes from the countries we come from (Poland and Germany) as well as from the counties we have visited. Our favorite way to spend holiday is to travel, take cooking classes and to get to know cultures through the food. We have adapted our passion for traveling to sharing with you the recipes that will give you an insight into the different dishes of each country that we feature and also a look into the different cultures that each country has to offer.

We want you to have a great time, joining us on this fantastic journey and discovering new and exciting dishes from all over the world.

Traditional recipes

Here you will find recipes for the traditional dishes from different countries. So far we have travelled all around Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East, taking cooking classes to share the traditional recipes with our audience. I hope you get to feel our passion in each dish that we present. If you are searching for authentic food recipes, we would like to invite you to search for recipes in the “Recipe” section. There you will find not only traditional dishes, but we will also share with you the cooking techniques that are found in different countries around the world. In this blog we have grouped the recipes by country, so you will be able to find the dishes that you wish to cook very easily and very quickly.

Our YouTube Channel

Since February 2018 we also have a YouTube channel where we publish videos about traditional food. The channel contains not only recipes but also food tours that we have taken, the food we recommend you to try and the food we have eaten. If you are as crazy about traditional food as we are you need to subscribe!

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