When BBQ-Season starts here in Germany the first thing that we prepare is always a warm smoked trout. In Gemünden am Main, where we spent our summer holiday, there is a vendor, who sells fresh, amazing quality fish. For this smoking session we have manage to get brook and rainbow trouts.

River Trout - Warm, smoked Trout
River Trout – Warm, smoked Trout
Rainbow Trout - Warm, smoked Trout
Rainbow Trout – Warm, smoked Trout

In Germany we love our trout! Trout, as well as salmon, belongs to the most popular fishes that are served on the German tables. The most common way to cook the trout the the “Müllerin” way. in this method of preparation the trout is soaked in lots of butter, dredging in flour and baked in the oven. The fish turns out tender and soft from inside and crispy from outside – my favourite combination!

Warm, smoked trouts
Warm, smoked trouts

Today however we would like to share with you another way to prepare this fantastic fish: by smoking it! When you follow the recipe below, you will get warm, lightly smoked fish that is exceptionally tender and juicy! The skin doesn’t get crispy when smoking, but the aroma of the fish makes it up for it! After all, that was the amazing start of the long BBQ-Season!

Warm Smoked Trout

Light smoke flavor, jucy and delicious!

Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Servings 4 people


  • 4 small trouts
  • choice of wood: cherry, oak


  1. Preheat your smoker to 110 degrees.

  2. Prepare your wood.

  3. Take the trouts out of the fridge and clean them.

  4. Gut and scale your fish. You don't need to be extreamly accurate with scaling, as we won't be eating the skin of the fish. The fish will have more intansive smoke flavour, if scaled before smoking.

  5. Place your cooking thermomether in the biggest fish. Our target temerature for trout is 60°C/140°F.

  6. Make sure that the temperature in the smoker doesn't change.

  7. Smoking took around 30 minutes and the fish came out tender, jucy and with light smoke flavor!

  8. As soon as the fishes reach 60°C/140°F remove the fishes from the smoker immediately.


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