Traditional Italian Spinach Gnocchi with Butter

main traditional italian gnocci

Spinach gnocchi are the most luxurious gnocchi you can ever make. They don’t only look fantastic – they taste fantastic! The dish comes from Lombardy and Tuscany where they call them “malfatti”. They are much lighter than the standard gnocchi, as they contain ricotta cheese and spinach. They make perfect first course along with butter, …

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Handkäse mit Musik – Hand Cheese with music

traditional german handcheese with music main

Hate it or love it? This is very mysterious dish. When you see it on the menu and then you try to translate it there comes out probably “Hand cheese with music” which doesn’t make any sense. Not if you don’t know it!:-) Handkäse is a regional sour milk cheese which gets its name from …

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Traditional Brazilian Quibe


Etymology / History The word Quibe, or kibbeh comes from Arabic and it means “ball”. Its an appetizer made out of minced meat (lamb or beef), bulgur and different herbs. Kibbeh comes from Middle Eastern countries but its also very well known in South America. Also traditional in Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Iran, …

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