German potato pancake with garlic sauce

traditional german potato pancake

Potato pancakes are not only traditional in Poland, but also in Germany, Czech, Slovakia, Ukrain, Balarus, Austria and even Luxembourg. Each of those countries has a different variation of this dish and serves it with w different ingredients. Today I would like to introduce you to German recipe with garlic sauce, which is not that …

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Traditional German Trout Meunière with potatoes

Trout Meuniere Forelle Muellerin

  I ate this dish for the first time in Germany, and I loved it. Apparently, it is very famous here (if this is not true, please let me know). But what does it actually mean? Meunière is a typical method of preparation of big fishes. To cook something à la meunière says to prepare …

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Polish dumplings with meat – Pierogi z miesem

Traditional Polish Pierogi with Meat

Dumplings with meat is one of the most popular Polish meals. Pierogi, because that is how they are called are very delicious and various. If I had to choose one dish that my mother had to cook for me when I am visiting, that would be Pierogi. Those small dumplings have very soft filling and …

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Frankfurt Green Sauce with Cooked Beef Topside

tafelspitz with green sauce homepage img

Doesn’t it look healthy and delicious? The green sauce is one of the most popular dishes from Frankfurt you cannot find in any other state of Germany! Although the recipe exists 2000 years, the first time it was mentioned in the cooking book from Wilhelmine Rührig in 1860. It was one of the favourite dishes …

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