Duck Breast with Cherry Sauce

main duck breast

Duck breast with cherry sauce is a very elegant and easy meal to make for dinner. To accompany this dish you can use mashed potato or cooked rice. The breast and the sauce are already a highlight, so I wouldn’t go overboard with the side dish. I love Christmas time in Germany. The Christmas Market …

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Polish Croquettes with meat – Polish Krokiety recipe

Traditional Polish Krokiety with Meat

Croquettes are very popular in Poland and you can find them in every restaurant or takeaway shop that serves polish food. Polish Croquettes are thin, large pancakes filled either with meat or cabbage and mushrooms. The pancakes are coated with breadcrumbs and fried. The meat filling is exactly like we make it for another traditional …

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Traditional Polish Cabbage Stew Recipe – Bigos

Traditional Polish Stew Cabbage Recipe - Bigos

Bigos is one of the most known Polish dishes. It is a stew made with cabbage and meat. My mother always prepared it with white cabbage and sauerkraut, this way the stew has a better sweet-sour balance. You can put any meat in Bigos, for this recipe we use beef, chicken and bacon but my …

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Traditional Italian Ragù alla Bolognese

Traditional Italian Ragù Bolognese

Traditional Italian Ragù alla Bolognese was one of the best dishes my mother would cook for us when we were young. That time we knew it as “Spaghetti Bolognese”. The easiest way to prepared it was using the Knorr Fix sachet which had nothing to do with cooking, but we still loved it! While doing …

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Ultimate Traditional German White Asparagus Recipe

Traditional German White Asparagus with Ham, Boiled Potatoes and Sauce Hollandaise

When you want to know which white asparagus dish is the most popular in white asparagus season in Germany, that is the one: White Asparagus with Boiled Potatoes, Ham and Sauce Hollandaise. I love white asparagus season here in Germany. Every good restaurant always sells a few white asparagus dishes. Very popular are also Creamy …

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Traditional Austrian Spinatknödel with Parmesan​

main traditional austrian spinatknoedel

In this recipe I would like to show you step-by-step how to make traditional Austrian Spinatknödel with Parmesan. Every year we spent our summer holidays in the German Alps in a region called Allgäu, right next to the German-Austrian border. We love to hike so each time we choose to climb one of the mountains …

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Traditional French Coq au Vin (Julia Child)

main traditional coq au vin

French cuisine has his own indigenous style. Knowledge of French cooking plays a big role in culinary education and French gastronomy is on the list of the worlds “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO. The amazing thing about French cuisine is how little it has changed, the same techniques are still used nowadays in French restaurants. …

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Traditional Polish Fluffy Racuchy Recipe

Polish pancakes with apples

If you are not Polish you are probably wondering what Racuchy are. Racuchy are very similar to American pancakes normally stuffed with apple slices and served with caster sugar. At my home, we ate them on Friday (as is vegetarian) for lunch. I have been searching for a good recipe and finally, I have just asked …

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Traditional Moroccan Chickpea Stew Recipe

Traditional Moroccan Chickpea Stew

Today I wanted to share another significant dining experience: Recipe for traditional Moroccan Chickpea Stew. This dish has become our standard meal that week cook at least every two weeks. As you probably suspect – very less traditional dishes we can eat daily. Why? Because the number of calories they contain exceed human calorific requirement …

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Traditional Himmel und Ääd from Cologne

autentic cologne himmel und aed

I love the fact that Germany has a variety of so many different dishes. When traveling to different parts of this country, we always try the regional food. Cologne is not only known for great beer, but also for delicious food. One of very typical dishes from this region is Himmel und Ääd. This recipe …

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Moroccan Beef Stew


After we came back from Dubai with many spices that we have never tasted before i started searching for some Arabic recipes. I have tried to cook many different dishes and this one turned out very special. This is what I love about beef stews – every country has its own recipe that tastes a …

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