Imagine the best chicken thighs you have ever had and than decouple this experience. This is how I felt, when I ate the chicken thighs that my husband smoked for us the other day. Now I cannot wait to tell you, how he accomplished it.

To prepare smoked chicken thighs is easy – even for people who are new to smoking. It takes just 3 hours in total, and let’s be honest: there are not many things that can go wrong with it. There are two challenges that we face when preparing a chicken thigh: we want the meat to be soft and the skin to be crispy. The first challenge will be tackled by smoking the meat in the low temperature. That way it always turns extreamly tender. However, there is another difficulty that we have to address: the soggy skin!

This is when the BBQ sauce comes into play.

Crispy skin on smoked chicken thighs

After the meat reaches _ degrees, you open the lid and brush the skin of the chicken with a thin layer of home made BBQ sauce. Henceforth you close the lid and smoke the meat until it reaches __ degrees. In the mean time you can prepare your grill for cooking. Once you start the fire and the grill is warm place the thighs on the grill. Nevertheless make sure that the thighs are not grilled over direct flame – the BBQ sauce burns easily and you don’t want your skin to get crunchy or burned. Thanks to this little trick the skin of the thighs gets super crispy.

This piece of meat turned as brittle and tender as perfectly prepared pulled pork. The BBQ sauce gives the skin rich taste and the few minutes on the grill ensure its crispiness. You did a good job, when you press the skin with your knife and you hear how it cracks audibly. The is also another surprise waiting for you: the color of the meat. Now suddenly the meat is pink – almost as it was cured.

We serve our chicken thighs with this Swabian potato salad, but feel free to pair it with something plain and simple. Whatever you do, the meat will be the highlight!


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