Elisen Gingerbread Cookies

elisen gingerbread cookies main

Here in Germany almost every region has its own traditional Gingerbread Cookie recipe. The recipe down below is a special one though, because it reminds me of all trips to Nuremberg where we always looked for the best Elisen Gingerbread in a whole city. Thankfully also in the Corona time we can enjoy those delicious …

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Jam-Filled Yeast Dumplings

jam filled yeast dumplings main

In the past few years right in front of the town hall in Frankfurt there is a vendor who is selling delicious Jam-Filled Yeast Dumplings. Every year at least once we orderer them along with a cup of hot mulled wine. Jam-Filled Yeast dumplings traditionally come from Austria (like many other delicious dumplings:)). The traditional …

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Candied Almonds

candid almonds main

There are plenty of different candied almonds that you can find at the German Christmas Market. The recipe below makes those sweet and a bit of crunchy. If that’s what you are looking for, go ahead and try it! It’s really not that complicated. Be careful with the heat and they will turn just delicious!

Marzipan Potatoes

marzipan potatoes main

Marzipan just belongs to Christmas celebration! It’s doesn’t matter or as a cake, cookie or potato. At the German Christmas Market, you can always find Marzipan prepared in several different ways. The recipe down below is one of the easiest and quickest recipes that you can make for your Christmas Market Party. It takes only …

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Chocolate Fruit Skewers

chocolate dipped fruits main

There are some fruits that go extremely well with chocolate, I hope you agree with me on that. In the recipe down below I would love to share with you my favourite combinations: white chocolate and strawberry as well as banana with milk or dark chocolate. But in the end the options are endless. You …

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