Roasted Goose is one of the traditional meals eaten on the Christmas Eve in Germany – but not the only one. Some of the families serve merely potato salad and sausages, some carp or roasted duck. In my husbands family traditionally the wild meat lands on the Christmas table. It’s very different form family to family. In Poland we eat differently – we have various Christmas dishes (12 dishes), and they are always the same, for most of them we had to wait all year long. That has got a charm though:)

The first time we prepared Roasted Goose for International Dinner Christmas Party where we have shared traditional meals with our friends. This year we had dishes from Poland, Germany, Slovakia, and Italy. We have started with homemade Slovakian sausage from our friend Katarina who got the recipe from her grandfather and has it produced here in Germany. The sausage was delicious – a little spicy – perfect! I was so glad I got some of those for Christmas this year! As an aperitif, really we served mulled wine.

As a second and third course, we had two polish dishes you know already: pierogi and creamy mushroom soup. The Polish Christmas Dinner always starts with the soup – which is either beetroot soup with mushroom dumplings or creamy mushroom soup. In my family, we prepared the mushroom one, although after time, when we started spending Christmas with my cousins, we served both of them! Pierogi for Christmas is usually filled with sauerkraut and mushrooms. There is undoubtedly a lot of mushrooms on the Christmas Dinner table in Poland.

As a next course, we had roasted goose to which you can find the recipe below. Preparing the 5kg bird was time-consuming. It took over 5 hours for the goose to be ready. The goose turned out amazing! I have never thought that this bird can be an as good roasted duck! Traditionally we cooked potato dumplings (from raw potatoes) and German red cabbage with apples.
We have finished our dinner with Pandoro with Zabaione and Slovakian Metrowy Kolacz. The Slovakian cake tasted like my childhood – my grandmother used to prepare the same pound cakes and very similar cream for our birthday cake. I have never expected you can combine those two things, pour chocolate on it and enjoy. This did surprise me.

Well done everybody, I think we did great!

And below the promised Roasted Goose recipe, for those of you who dare to prepare it at home:)

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I am a Web Designer & Developer on a daily basis. Travelling and cooking sre my biggest hobbies and thats how I spend the most of my free time. Discovering new cultures and most of all - new eating culutres has been a lot of fun and I am always looking forward to cooking something traditional from every part of our planet.

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