Bethmännchen is German pastry originated in Frankfurt. Bethmännchen are usually baked for Christmas and you can buy them on Frankfurts Christmas Market. The legend says, that this cookie was develop for Simon Moritz Bethmann (rich banker from Frankfurt) in 1838. Mr Bethmann had 4 sons, therefore the cookie was decorated with 4 almond halfs. After the death of his son Heinrich until now the cookies are decorated only with 3 almond halfs. The recipe hasn’t been change since that time.
Therefore today we will show you how to bake Bethmännchen! Its easy – you just need marzipan, almonds, powdered sugar, flour and egg.
This recipe, similar like the Vanillekipferl recipe I have tried for the first time with Katharina – my husbands sister. She definiatly knew how to do them perfectly, so I decided to help her and see how is she doing it. The Bethmännchen turn out delicious and this encouraged me to bake them myself again. Now I have even German Christmas cookies covered!
I hope you will enjoy this recipe, exactly like the German people did for more then one century!

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Traditional Frankfurts Bethmännchen
  1. Mix in one bowl marzipan, powdered sugar, flour, ground almonds and eg white.
  2. Form small bowls from the dough and decorate each one with 3 almond halfs.
  3. Mix water with egg yolk and pinsel them before baking.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes at 150.

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