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Traditional Food from Frankfurt

There’s no better way to explore the city than through its rich culinary culture. German food is very diverse, and it’s not only sauerkraut, sausages and roasted ham hock that you have to try on your stay here!

We’ll explore Sachsenhausen alleyways and neighborhoods for an authentic culinary experience. With us won’t eat at places that are on the top of the list on travel guides. Our family has been living in Frankfurt for generations, and as an insider, we have been eating and tasting this food as long as we live. We love cooking, eating and sharing our culture and knowledge.

Please taste the city’s tastiest traditional foods with a professional insider!

Small Lunch Tour – Try authentic Frankfurt food

Get a taste of Frankfurt’s food culture and try at least 5 culinary specialties and soft drinks on this 2-hour, small-group Lunch Food Tour. Follow your local guide as you sample Frankfurt’s selection of starters, sausages and main meals.

Time: 11:30
Duration: 2h
Price: 49€
Dinner Food Tour

Dinner Tour Frankfurt – Try authentic Frankfurt food

If you have a spare evening in Frankfurt, a restaurant food tour is a sure way to get to know some of the city’s best food stops. Immerse yourself in the rich culinary culture of Frankfurt on our over 3-hour Dinner Food Tour and try at least 10 different traditional dishes from Frankfurt in a small group of people. Get a taste of Frankfurt’s apple wine, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

Time: 17:30 or 18:30
Duration: 3h
Price: 99€

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