About us

Hi from Germany and to all of you who have found this cooking blog!

I hope you got to feel our passion in each dish that we create.
Here you will find not only traditional dishes, but we will also share with you the cooking techniques that are found in the different countries from around the world.
You will also get to know both myself and Matthias, along with our dearest friends that have helped us in creating this great cooking website.
In this blog we have grouped the recipes by countries, so you will be able to find the dishes that you wish to cook very easily and very quickly.
This cooking blog also includes our specialties, these are the dishes that we cannot call traditional.
They are the recipes that we have learned to cook from other people or they can sometimes be our own modifications on traditional dishes that we have changed to give the dish an extra flavor or twist to the original recipe.

What is this all about?

If it were only about me, then I would pack a bag and leave for a journey around the world.

With this in mind I have created this fantastic cooking blog, it has allowed me to use my passion for travelling and discovering different countries to create a part of the world that I would wish to visit, by sampling the different dishes that each country has to offer.

I have adapted my passion for travelling to creating new and fantastic recipes that will give you an insight into the different dishes of each country that we feature and also a look into the different cultures that each country has to offer.

Here I will post the traditional recipes of the countries that I have been able to visit so far and also the recipes that I have learned from all the wonderful people that I have met in my life and who have been willing to teach me their different recipes and cooking methods from their homeland.

It is almost a year ago now since I met Matthias, he is my beloved boyfriend and he also happens to have very good cooking skills. He also shares the same need and desire to discover the world as I do.
With this in mind, we have together and with the help of our friends, decided to create this cooking blog, it will enable you to cook traditional dishes from different countries from all over the world.

We want you to have a great time, joining us on this fantastic journey and discovering new and exciting dishes from all over the world.

We welcome any constructive feedback and any comments that you would like to leave for us.